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The "Motion Wellness" multidisciplinary team deeply understand the challenges faced by stroke victims and their relatives. Through years of dedicated therapy, we have gained valuable insights that we wish to share with the loved ones of stroke victims.

Frequently, family members of stroke survivors may have the best intentions but might inadvertently become overprotective. This can stem from a desire to ease their loved one's struggles, a lack of confidence in their ability to manage independently, or simply the convenience of doing things for them. However, we want to emphasize the importance of not doing for your loved one what they s do on their own.

The concept of overprotection, whether through excessive care or neglect, can hinder the recovery process. Striking the right balance is essential. Our therapies, whether focused on speech or motor skills, aim to help stroke survivors regain lost abilities. It's crucial that once these skills are practiced with the "Motion Wellness" Pattaya Physical Therapy Center specialists, they are also reinforced at home by the stroke victims themselves.

Rather than physically assisting people who was striking by stroke with tasks like turning in bed or transitioning to a seated position, it is more beneficial to encourage them to perform these actions independently. Instead of trying to interpret your loved one's wishes through their expressions, it is more productive to motivate them to communicate their needs verbally.

When family members of stroke survivors work closely with our multidisciplinary team, the rehabilitation process becomes more efficient, leading to faster and smoother recovery. Your support and collaboration are invaluable in helping your loved one regain their independence and quality of life.