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The treatment of leg paresis resulting

The treatment of leg paresis resulting from foraminal herniation at the L4/L5 level, involving root compression, represents an innovative approach employing Dexamethasone and Lidocaine perfusion. This therapeutic intervention seeks to ameliorate motor dysfunction arising from this specific pathophysiological condition. The "Motion Wellness" Pattaya physical therapy center is dedicated to furnishing patients with an efficacious and scientifically substantiated regimen.

This method encompasses the administration of Dexamethasone and Lidocaine via state-of-the-art electrophoresis equipment. Electrophoresis ensures the meticulous and highly targeted conveyance of medicinal agents to the impacted site, thereby augmenting their transdermal penetration. Dexamethasone, endowed with potent anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous attributes, contributes to the mitigation of perineural inflammation. Concurrently, Lidocaine alleviates discomfort, affording analgesia and enhancing the patient's overall quality of life.

This technique is judiciously contrived and vigilantly overseen by our accomplished specialists, who specialize in the management of musculoskeletal pathologies. We assiduously tailor treatment protocols to address the idiosyncratic requirements of each patient.

The "Motion Wellness" Pattaya Physical Therapy Center prides itself on proffering avant-garde rehabilitation and physical therapy modalities, thus facilitating the restoration of patients' ambulatory capacity and the enrichment of their overall quality of life. The convalescence of musculoskeletal maladies stands as our vocation, and we are resolutely committed to securing the most favorable clinical outcomes for every patient.