Pediatric Rehabilitation

Vojta therapy with parental education - 1 800 thb/visit
Bobath therapy - 1 800 thb/visit
Therapeutic gymnastics - 1 300 thb/visit
Manual therapy, including manual foot therapy according to the method of Barbara Zukunft-Huber - 1 300 thb/visit
Correction and development of motor abilities, delayng walk, etc

The author's program of curing children of different ages, taking into account the physical and psychological characteristics of the development of each child - 2 500 thb/visit

Pediatric rehabilitation is a critical component of care for children with conditions such as cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, etc., that impact their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. At Motion Wellness Pattaya, we offer comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation services to children impacted with desease have mentioned above

The multydisciplinary Motion Wellness Pattaya team of experts is focused on to help children with particular needs develop and\or inprove their daily living abilitiy