Post-stroke rehabilitation

Early rehabilitation after stroke
  • Restoring balance
  • Rehabilitation of gait after stroke
  • Speech & Swallowing Rehabilitation
  • Recovery of Cognitive Function After Stroke
  • Recovery Bladder & Bowel Function After Stroke 
  • Activities of Daily Living After Stroke
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of rehabilitation

One month treatment package includes:

  • Initial appointment
  • Status evaluation
  • Selective course of treatment for cerebral blood circulation improvement
  • Correction of the treatment according to symptoms
  • Physical therapy (corrective routines) - 10 visits
  • Physical therapy (passive type of treatment) - 10 visits
  • Medical massage - 10 visits
  • Weekly health condition monitor

Post-stroke rehabilitation is a significant component of recovery for individuals who have suffered a stroke

The Motion Wellness Pattaya team offer comprehensive post-stroke rehabilitation tactic

The rehabilitation program is tailored individually, taking into account the type and severity of the stroke, as well as the one's age, gender, body composition, overall health, and personal goals