Motion Wellness Pattaya
Physical Therapy Center
Frequently asked questions
How long will you treat me?
Your concern is certainly understandable. The outcome hinges on the results of the mandatory initial appointment. During this session, we will conclude of whether we are able to help you to heal or not. Options to undergo the entire treatment course within the specified timeframe will be offered, thereafter. Would you like to reserve any time slot for the initial assessment?
What is the cost of treatment?
The cost for treatments commences at THB 800, varying based on the source of pain that needs to be addressed
Where can I find you?
Locating us is quite straightforward. We are situated just 100 meters from Tuckom shop, directly behind Domino's Pizza. You can easily spot us into the largest building in this vicinity, Center Condo.
Yes, there is a car parking.
When can I come?
We value your steadfast resolve; it is truly invaluable.
Rest assured, our manager will be in touch with you shortly!


Why is your treatment so expensive?
We comprehend your concerns. Similar to individuals like yourself, we've had clients who initially harbored worries about the pricing. However, upon the completion of our collaboration and the outcomes achieved, they acknowledged that the value of our service far exceeded their initial expectations.

If you wish, you can choose a particular aspect of your treatment that may not seem essential to you, and we can discuss adjusting it accordingly.
Can you come to me to help?
Regrettably, we must inform you that our services are exclusively offered on our premises and are not available elsewhere.
Thank you very much for understanding
What preliminary examination should I do before visiting your center
Thank you sincerely for your enthusiasm to derive maximum benefit from our service.
Having comprehensive information greatly enhances the effectiveness of the recovery process.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
If I already have a diagnosis from a doctor do I need to take a initial appointment from you and pay for it
Thank you for your inquiry.
Drawing upon our extensive experience, we would like to emphasize that what is observed on X-ray and/or MRI scans may not always precisely pinpoint the actual source of pain.

Frequently, the origin of pain may be elsewhere, potentially overlooked by medical practitioners. Through our mandatory physical examination, we can either confirm or refute the initial diagnosis.

Besides, obtaining a second opinion on your health status is always better then to draw on the only one.
We trust you understand our perspective on this matter